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Sustainability is currently a hot topic amongst organisations.

But with more than 49 million businesses and only 10,000 sustainability consultants worldwide, most of which are taken by the big corporations and are incredibly costly, it is still a subject that can seem too big to tackle.

Coco Airlie is here to drive sustainable leadership, not by judging or acting as an activist. Our aim is to bring energy and engagement into this changing world by helping you take that leap, be it a daunting task in an established business or how to integrate sustainable practices as a start-up.

Our goal is to challenge businesses to become more, purposeful, profitable, and efficient, by keeping you informed and creating an actionable strategy.

We guarantee complete confidentiality and integrity

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Transparency is Key

Part of the journey is being transparent about where you are in your journey. So we decided to "practice what we preach" and take matters into our own hands here at Coco Airlie Consulting.

The road to Sustainability is one that needs to be navigated as a collective, and so, in the name of transparency and also encouraging you to take the leap, Founder and Director Rhona Morrell has displayed the Coco Airlie pledges, in line with the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) below:

Coco Airlie Consulting Pledges
  • To become carbon positive by 2030
  • To commit 2 days per month to youth education in the developing world voluntary (SDG1/8)
  • To commit to driving equal opportunities and voluntary support with the Prince’s Trust (SDG 10/4)
  • To be an ambassador and leader in sustainability across both business and personal life (SDG 17)
  • To report annually on Coco Airlie achievements and status towards becoming carbon positive by 2030 (SDG 13)
  • Continue to support SORAI, UNICEF, Grace Gift & Woodland Trust, both financially and as brand advocate (SDG 15 & 16)
  • All energy consumption to be renewable, now and forever (SDG 7)
Coco Airlie 2020 Sustainability Report

We can proudly say that in 2020 progress was already made in our pledge to becoming a more sustainable business:

  • Coco Airlie Achieved a Carbon Neutral Status
  • Rhona supported 2 young persons through the Prince's Trust
  • Rhona became a Global Ambassador for Ark2030
  • Over 15 commonly used appliances or services were switched at Coco Airlie Headquarters
  • A yearly donation was made to support UNICEF
  • All the energy at the office is now (and will remain) renewable


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The Rhona Morrell Podcast The Rhona Morrell Podcast
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